GAM Tube User Manual

Correct, Wrong, Installation

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You may also install GamTube™ on

a tabletop by laying the GamTube™

flat on the table and opening one end.

Grab the fluorescent tube, in the flat out

(horizontal) position, and slide it gently

into the GamTube™.

Standing, or on a ladder, make sure that

the GamTube™ is in one hand and hanging

straight down. In the other hand hold the

fluorescent lamp and insert the tip into one

end of the GamTube™. Keeping the Gam


Tube™ hanging in a straight down (vertical)

position, gently slide the fluorescent lamp

into the GamTube™.


Do not insert the lamp at an
angle, as this will allow the Gam -
Tube™ to fold into a crease that
will cause the leading end of
the fluorescent lamp to drag
and catch. This slows down the
process of putting the Gam -
Tube™ on the fluorescent lamp.