Hydrolevel 3200-Plus User Manual

Warning, Caution, Three function design

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MODEL 3200-Plus

Temp Limit / LWCO Control

with Thermal Targeting

for Water Boilers

120 VAC Input / 24 VAC Burner Circuit

PATENT NO. 7,891,572


Electrical shock hazard. To prevent electrical shock, death or
equipment damage, disconnect power supply before

installing or servicing control. Only qualified personnel may install or service this control in
accordance with local codes and ordinances. Read instructions completely before proceeding.


To prevent serious

burns, boiler

should be thoroughly cooled before installing or
servicing control.


Frozen pipes/water damage. Central heating systems are prone to shut down as a result of power or fuel outages,
safety related fault conditions or equipment failure. Installation of freeze protection monitoring or other precautions

is recommended for unattended dwellings in climates subject to sustain below-freezing temperatures.

Three Function

Temperature Limit Control

Designed for cold start and tankless

coil boilers.

Low Water Cut-Off

Provides protection against potentially

dangerous low water conditions

when installed with the Hydrolevel

Electro-Well™ (see page 2 for details).

Boiler Reset Control

Thermal Targeting – On-board micro-

processor adjusts boiler temperature

based on heating demand.

Outdoor Reset Ready – Compatible with

Hydrolevel OS-100 Outdoor Sensor Kit

(sold separately) for outdoor reset and

warm weather shut-down functionality



• Saves Fuel – Features Thermal Targeting™ technology and

Thermal Pre-Purge capability

• Outdoor Reset Ready – Provides Outdoor Reset and Warm Weather

Shut-Down capability with the addition of Hydrolevel OS-100 Outdoor

Sensor Kit (sold separately)

• Universal Design – Replaces common cold-start and triple-action


• Operating Indicators – LEDs, Dynamic Display and Test Button provide

continual and on-demand status checks

• Prioritizes Domestic Hot Water – Gives priority to low limit setting or to

calls from indirect water heater

• Reduces Condensation – Holds circulator off until boiler reaches 125°F

*Aquastat is a registered trademark of Honeywell International, Inc.

HydroStat 3200-Plus Instructions:

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