Hydrolevel OS-100 User Manual

Warning, Caution, Outdoor sensor kit

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Outdoor Sensor Kit

for Model 3200-Plus and

Model 3250-Plus

Fuel Smart HydroStats

manufactured after 0/0/11


Electrical shock hazard. To prevent electrical shock, death or
equipment damage, disconnect power supply before

installing or servicing control. Only qualified personnel may install or service this control in
accordance with local codes and ordinances. Read instructions completely before proceeding.


To prevent serious

burns, boiler

should be thoroughly cooled before installing or
servicing control.

Kit Includes

• Outdoor Reset Sensor with 9-foot cable

• Sensor mounting bracket with 2 screws and 1 wire clip

• Two spade connectors

• Knockout wire bushing

This document provides instructions for connecting the Hydrolevel Outdoor Sensor Kit to an installed

Fuel Smart HydroStat control. For information on installing the HydroStat control, please refer to the

installation instructions provided with the control or log onto www.hydrolevel.com.

Before installation, determine the

proper location for the sensor
• Sensor should be mounted on the

northern outside wall of the house,

shielded from direct sunlight.

• Sensor should be installed high

enough off the ground to protect

it from accidental damage or

drifting snow.

• Sensor should be installed away

from potential heat sources

such as exhaust fans, windows,

or doors.