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Enter Part No., Part Name and Weight per Piece.

If you do not know the weight per piece, use the following steps to calculate it:

1. Select the correct units for the part.

2. Empty the scale and click



3. Place a known number of pieces on the scale. To get the most accurate weight per piece, especially for small parts,

you should place enough parts that weigh a total of at least 10% of the scale capacity, i.e. if you have a 50 lb scale
you should at least load the scale with 5 lb of parts.

4. Enter the number of pieces.

5. Click

Calculate Weight per Piece


The weight per piece is now automatically entered in the Weight per Piece field.



to save the part information and return to the Parts List Window.

The new part will now appear in the Parts List window. Click


to close this window and return to the main window.

Click on the arrow next to the Part No. / Name field in the main window to select the desired part.

With no parts on the scale (only the weighing bowl) click


to zero out the scale. Then add parts and click


to start

counting the parts.

Be sure to


the scale every time before taking readings.

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