MBT Lighting RSP844 User Manual

Rsp844 user manual

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User Manual

1. Technical Specifications
Power: 120V~50/60Hz/230V~50/60Hz
Load capacity: 15A
Fuse: 110V 3A / 230V 0.5A
Weight: 10.15lbs / 4.6kg

2. Operation

Manual Operation-

Before plugging unit in, the EXCB-25 extension cable must be linked from the “line out” on the
‘Multi-Function Switch Panel’ to the “line in” on the SR-8 Relay Pack. To connect, gently push
the 9-pin connector on the extension cable into the appropriate “line” and screw down snugly the
two screws on either side. For longer runs, extension cables may be linked together.
Turn all channel switches and master switch to “off” position on ‘Multi-Function Switch Panel’.
Plug switch panel and relay pack in. Plug items into the appropriate socket on the relay pack.
Turn the master switch to the “on” position. The switch should illuminate. Switch the desired
channel switches to the “on” position. Channel switch will illuminate and the item plugged into
the socket for that channel will begin to operate. With channel switch in the “off” position
depress and release “flash buttons” for quick on and off. (Note: item will remain operational for
as long as the flash button is depressed).

Chasing Timer Mode Operation-

Set up as described above in manual Operation Section. Switch desired channel switches to the
“chase” position. In timer mode, each bank of four channels chases separately within each bank.
Indicator lights will illuminate to indicate chase. Features 16 built-in patterns that operate in
manual/sound activation. Adjust the “timer speed dials” for each band to adjust chases speed
from 1-13 minutes. For strobe operation, connect EST-10Mono cable (sold separately) from
“Multi-Function Switch Panel’ to strobe. Choose options of “on” and “speed control” located on
the front of the ‘Multi-Function Switch Panel.” For fog machine operation, connect EXT-2
Fogger Extension Cable (sold separately) from “Multi-Function Switch Panel’ to fog machine.
When fog machine is warmed up, depress “fog button” on ‘Multi-Function Switch Panel’ to
disperse fog.


The ‘Multi-Function Switch Panel’ may be used either seated on a level surface or mounted into
an appropriate 19” (2U space) rack cabinet. For reasons of safety it is best to secure the unit into a
rack or suitable mounting so that the extension cables cannot be pulled out of the panel.
The SR-8 Relay Pack may be used either mounted on a level surface or to a lighting stand/truss. It
is recommended that for safety purposes, if hanging the unit, to use a suitable clamp and safety

Replacing Fuses