Introduction to induction cooking, Preparation for use, Quick start guide – Salter SDA-IH102BK Induction Hob User Manual

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Your SALTER induction hob is made from smooth, easy to clean microcrystal glass. The heat
for cooking comes from a magnetic induction coil which directly heats the base of the pan
with great speed and efficiency. Using this system, temperature adjustments can be made
very rapidly, giving you precise control over your cooking.
To be suitable for induction cooking, pans need to be made from a ferrous metal such as
cast iron or steel. Pure copper or pure aluminium pans will not be suitable unless they have
a bonded ferrous base. An easy test is to hold a magnet to the base of the pan. If the magnet
sticks to the pan, the pan will be suitable for induction cooking. For efficient heat transfer, the
base of the pan must also be flat and needs to have a diameter of at least 12cm (24cm max).
See table below:



Base diameter between 12cm and 24cm

Base diameter less than 12cm or greater than 24cm

Flat bottom

Rounded or uneven bottom

Steel or cast iron (with magnetic base)

Aluminium or copper (non-magnetic base)

Stainless Steel (with magnetic base)

Ceramic, terracotta or glass (eg pyrex)


• Remove all packaging
• Position the hob on a firm, flat and level work surface, keeping a clear space all around it

for ventilation. Do not place directly below overhanging shelves, curtains or cupboards.

• Plug into a suitable wall socket ensuring that the mains cord will be kept safely out of the

way. The unit will beep and all LEDs will flash once and then enter standby mode, where the
display is blank.


Having prepared the product for use (as described above):
• Place a suitable pan, with its contents, onto the hob surface.
• Press the power

button. The display will show ‘0‘.

• Press the MANUAL (POWER) button once. The program will start to heat the pan.
• Press the


buttons at any time to increase or decrease the power level as required

between 200W and 2200W.

• Press the power

button to switch off the induction at any time. Including when in CHILD




• It is normal for the fan to keep running for a few minutes after the induction is turned off.

Allow the fan to come to a stop before switching the unit off at the mains.

• The device will enter standby mode if not operated within 2 minutes.
• If the pan you have placed on the hob is unsuitable for induction cooking (see table) then

the unit will beep repeatedly and will switch to ‘E1’ display. Use a suitable pan to continue.