Safety advice, Error codes, Cleaning and care – Salter SDA-IH102BK Induction Hob User Manual

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To activate the child lock, press and hold the CHILD LOCK button for 3 secs until the
relevant LED light comes on. When child lock is activated the control buttons will not work,
preventing any accidental operation. The exception is the power button which, for safety, can
still be used to power off. To remove the child lock, press again for another 3 secs.


• Induction hobs will only heat metal objects of a certain size and type (eg saucepans!)

Therefore if you were to place just your hand on the cold hob and then switch it on, there
would be no heat transfer. Even a metal ring on your finger will not become hot as it is too
small in size. However, please note carefully the following safety advice:

• During normal use in cooking with a pan, some areas of the glass hob surface will become

hot due to heat being transferred to the glass from the base of the pan. Allow the surface to
cool completely before touching, cleaning or storing the appliance.

• Never place other objects (such as metal cooking utensils) on the hob surface with the pan

as they will heat up also.

• If a pan boils over, always switch off the power immediately, remove the plug from the

mains supply and allow everything to cool completely before cleaning up the spill.



Pan not suitable; Use a suitable induction pan (see suitable cookware in introduction to
cooking section, pg 3.)


Overheat Protection; Switch off at the mains and allow to cool before re-use


Mains voltage too high


Mains voltage too low


Temperature sensor error; switch off at the mains. Contact HoMedics Service if error persists


Boil dry protection; switch off and check the pan has something in before restarting


• Before any cleaning operation always switch off and disconnect the appliance from the

mains power supply and allow to cool completely. To keep your appliance in the best
condition; clean after every use and before storing.

• The hob must not be immersed in water. Never hold under running water.
• Wipe the external surfaces with a clean, damp cloth as required.
• Do not use harsh abrasive cleaning products or solvents.
• To avoid scratching the glass, please avoid dragging pans across the hob surface,

particularly uncoated cast iron pans which can have a rough finish.

• Never attempt to disassemble any part of the product for cleaning or any other purpose.
• Periodically, we recommended using a vacuum cleaner to remove any build up of dust

from the fan housing on the underside of the product and the cooling vent at the rear of the
product. No disassembly is required for this procedure.