Use information – Soyntec LAPTOP POWER 96 User Manual

Page 6

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1. Check the correct tip that your laptop needs. You have to assure that the tip you choose is the correct

one, checking the plug size always.
2. Select the correct tip.
3. Introduce the selected tip to the adapter’s output cable and connect it with the laptop’s DC input. You

have to hear a “click” sound and the tip never have to be loose or twist; if it happens, the selected tip is not

correct and you have to select another one.

Automatically the adapter selects the correct voltage according with the tip selected.
4. Connect the AC adapter’s cable to the wall power connection.
5. The USB port is only for recharge your devices and not as data transfer.
6. The maximum force of the USB port is 2.1A and 5V DC OUTPUT.