Agreement declaration – Soyntec LAPTOP POWER 96 User Manual

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Supplier Name: Energy Sistem Soyntec S. A.
Address: Pol. Ind. Finestrat C/ Calpe 1, 03509 Finestrat Alicante - SPAIN
Tel: 902 388 388
Fax: 902 119 034
NIF: A53107488
We declare under our own exclusive responsibility the product agreement:
Soyntec® Laptop Power(tm) 96 Ultra Slim 90W (Automatic voltage switching,

USB 2.1A port and display). Manufacturing country: China

Is in compliance with the essential norms and standards of the Directive 2004/108/EC of the
European Parliament and of the Council of December 15th 2004.

This symbol on the product or the instructions means that your electrical and electronic
equipment should be disposed at the end of life separately from your household waste. For
more information, please contact the local authority or dealer where you purchased the product.