Zuco Cubo classic User Manual

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The electronic operating manual can be found at


Guarantee – notes

Guarantee: Independent of warranties for defects, Züco
grants a 5-year gurantee in the case of normal use at 8 hours
a day. If used for longer periods of time, the Guarantee period
shortens accordingly. Product parts which are subject to
general wear and defects caused by improper use, improper
treatment, extreme climatic conditions, improper tampering,
materials placed on the chair or deviations from the standard
designs as requested by the customer are exempt from the

Castors: hard castors are fitted as standard for soft floors.
Soft castors (grey tread) are required for hard floors. The user
may change the castors himself/herself if necessary.

Maintenance: the chair is maintenance-free if used in the
correct manner. We recommend that you occasionally adjust
the seat height.

Cleaning: please do not use any aggressive cleaners or
chemical cleaning agents to clean the surfaces of the chair
and the upholstery.

Gas lifts: only trained specialists may work on the gas pres-
sure lifts. There is a considerable risk of injury if improper work
is carried out.

Cuboclassic meets technical and occupational medi­

cal requirements and is in conformity with Din stand­

ard 1335/1­3. the safety test Mark was issued by tÜV


we reserve the right to make technical changes.

seat­depth adjustment using

sliding seat:

Pull the knob on the left-hand side

underneath the seat to the left and

keep pulling it. You can then slide

the seat into the desired position.

When you release the knob, the seat

automatically locks in position.

infinite seat­height


The right-hand lever is used to adjust

the seat height. The angle between

your lower leg and thigh should be

at least 90° with your foot flat on

the floor. The angle between your

upper arm and lower arm on the

desktop should also be 90° – adjust

the desktop accordingly.

Back rest tension


Pull out the handle at the bottom of

the mechanism. Adjust the amount

of back support depending on your

body weight. Clockwise rotation (+)

increases support. Anticlockwise

rotation (-) reduces support. The

adjustment range is 45 kg to 125

kg. Finally, push the handle back in


Locking the synchronised


The left-hand lever is used to lock

the synchro-mechanism. Four ad-

justable backrest angle positions. A

large angle between the thigh and

trunk encourages blood circulation.

By pulling the lever upwards the syn-

chronised mechanism can be locked

in 4 different positions.

Height­adjustable backrest:

The height of the backrest can be

adjusted easily thanks to the Easy-

touch system. Hold the backrest on

either side and set the desired height

by easy upward or downward adjust-

ment. The height of the backrest can

be adjusted by a total of 8 cm. In an

upright seating posture, the extra

padding of the backrest should sup-

port the lumbar region.

Multifunctional arm rests


The height, width, depth and angle

of the armrests can all be adjusted

(maximum height adjustment 110

mm). You can also unscrew the

armrests by releasing the black lever

underneath the seat. This creates a

larger seating area.