Important safeguards, Technical specifications, Warranty policy – Dynalite MH2050 Fan Cooled Strobe Head User Manual

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Important Safeguards

When using this flash equipment, basic safety precautions should always be followed;
including the following:


Read and understand ALL instructions and specifications before using your Dynalite



Care must be taken when handling the flash heads as injury could occur from touching

the modeling lamp(s) or flash tube(s).


DO NOT operate a power pack or flash head with a damaged cord or if the unit has

been dropped.


If an extension power cord is necessary, a cord with a suitable current rating should be

used. Cords rated for less than 15 amps may overheat. Care should be taken to

arrange the cord so that it will not be tripped over or pulled from the electric source



Unplug the power pack from the electrical outlet when not in use. NEVER yank the

cord to pull the plug from the outlet.


Let flash heads cool completely before putting them away. Loop flash cables in an 8”

to 10” diameter coil when storing.


DO NOT allow power cord(s) or flash head cable(s) to hang on or touch hot surfaces.


To avoid electrical shock hazard, power cords/packs must be properly grounded. DO

NOT attempt to disassemble the power pack. Incorrect reassembly could cause an

electrical shock hazard when a power pack is subsequently used. Take it to a qualified

Dynalite service technician when repair is required.


When the power pack is not in use for one month or more, it is wise to periodically plug

the power pack in and turn it ON for a couple of hours. It is not necessary to operate a

flash head during this “idling” time.

For nearly 40 years, Dynalite has been committed to the design and manufacturing of
professional quality, light-weight and ultra portable studio and on-location flash equipment.
Our products have earned their trust and respect one photographer at a time by
continuously addressing the needs of the most demanding photographers in the industry.
Dedicated to product improvements and innovative new products, Dynalite is committed to
professional photographers.

The New MH2050 Flash Head is the latest addition to the Dynalite family. In the true spirit
of Dynalite, the MH2050 Flash Head offers a smaller, lighter and more compact overall
design. Responding to the demands of Pro shooters, the MH2050 now includes an
illuminated power switch, ergonomic knobs and levers, and a built-in cable socket.

As with all Dynalite products, the MH2050 Flash Head has undergone extensive quality
control throughout every step of the manufacturing process. Please follow the recommend
operating procedures for years of reliable performance.

Thank you for choosing Dynalite.


Install the new flash tube assembly by aligning the three connection pins

with the three connection sockets inside the flash housing. Ensure that the

connection pins are aligned correctly and in the proper configuration before

installing the flash tube assembly. Gentle push the reflector/flash tube

assembly until the edge of the reflector is flush with the outer edge of the

flash housing.

Note: Use only the appropriate flash tube.

Technical Specifications:

Model Flash


watt seconds

Flash Color

Modeling Lamp

Modeling Lamp
Color Temp


2000 w/s

User replaceable
(part # 2405)

UV Coated

Quartz 250 watts

User replaceable
(part # 0515)

2000 (hr)

Fan Cooled




Yes – built-in

with all 1015
and 2040

5.5” L x 5” W x
8.25” H

(7.5” folded



Please Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Warranty Policy

Dynalite, Inc. provides the original purchaser with warranty repair or replacement of the
product against defects and workmanship for two years. For Terms & Conditions, please
refer to the warranty card included with your Dynalite MH2050 Flash Head or visit us at


Please Note: Modeling lamps are not covered under the warranty and Dynalite reserves no responsibility for the
lamp hours of operation.