Dynalite RB1000 Pencil Light User Manual

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Important Safeguards

1. Read and understand all Instructions

2. Do Not attempt to remove the flash tube without first al-

lowing it to cool, as heat can build up from firing in rapid

3. Do Not remove the flash tube without first unplugging

flash head from the power pack.

4. Do Not use locking rings to connect cable to the power

pack. Locking rings are used to connect flash head pig
tail to head extension cables.

5. Never yank the cable of the power pack. Grasp the con-

nector and pull straight out to disconnect.

6. Avoid spills and exposure to moisture. Never use di-

rectly on wet floors, near swimming pools or other
sources of water.

7. Do Not let cables hang on or touch hot accessories or


8. Do Not operate the equipment with a damaged cord or if

the equipment has been dropped or damaged. Your
equipment should be checked by an authorized service

station before using again.

9. Take care in arranging the flash head cable(s) so that

they will not be tripped over or pulled out.

10.Let the flash head(s) cool completely before pulling

them away. Loop head cable(s) in an 8” to 10” diameter
coil when storing.

11.To avoid electrical shock hazard, do not disassemble

equipment. Take it to a qualified service station when

service or repair is required. Incorrect reassembly
could cause an electrical shock hazard when equipment
is subsequently used.

Please save these instructions so that all users may read

this information.

Flash Head Setup

1. Unpack and check your new Dynalite RB1000 Flash


2. Attach a Bogen Mini Ball (#3309), a Lowell Tilter (T1-36),

or any ball,stand adapter to the base of the RB1000.
The Bogen threaded-topped light stands and the Lowel

Tilter mounts the RB1000 to any 5/8th or smaller light

3. Affix flash head to an adequate light stand or support.
4. Attach 0418 head extension cable (accessory) to the

four-foot flash pigtail before plugging cable into power

5. Attach umbrella, accessory reflector, or gel holder as


6. Be sure to protect flash tube from damage when attach-

ing accessories. Do not over tighten Plastic thumb

Flash Head Replacement

1. Unplug RB1000 from power pack. Allow to cool.
2. Hold flash head base secure and pull flash tube straight

out of the socket. Be careful not to bend pins.

3. To install, align pins and push flash tube straight into

socket until seated.

RB1000 Accessories

Clip-on Reversible reflector

0418 18’ head extension cable
Suggested bases: Lowel Tilter or Bogen Mini Ball

RB1000 Specifications

Watt Second rating:


Color Temperature:

5400º Kelvin




7 3/8” X 1 5/16” Dia.