Dynalite mh2065v instructions, Important safeguards, Mh2065v parts description – Dynalite MH2065v User Manual

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Important Safeguards

When using this flash equipment, include the fol-

lowing safety precautions.


Read and understand ALL instructions and
specifications before using your Dynalite


Care must be taken when handling the flash
heads as injury could occur from touching the
modeling lamp(s) or flash tube(s).


Do not operate a power pack or flash head
with a damaged cord or if the unit has been
dropped and is visually damaged.


If an extension power cord is necessary, a
suitable current rating should be used. Cords
rated for less than 15 amps may overheat.


Care should be taken to arrange the cord so
that it will not be tripped over or pulled from
the electric source outlet.


Unplug the power pack from the electrical
outlet when not in use. NEVER yank the cord
to pull the plug from the electrical outlet.


Let flash heads cool completely before putting
them away. Loop flash cables in an 8” to 10”
diameter coil when storing.


DO NOT allow power cord(s) or flash head
cable(s) to hang on or touch hot surfaces.


To avoid electrical shock hazard, power cord
(s) or flash head cable(s) must be properly
grounded. DO NOT attempt to disassemble
the power pack. Incorrect reassembly could
cause an electrical shock hazard when a power
pack is subsequently used. Take it to a quali-
fied Dynalite Service technician when service
is required.


When the power pack is not in use for one
month or more, it is wise to periodical plug
the power pack in and turn it ON for a couple
of hours. It is not necessary to operate a flash
head during this “idling” time.

Standard Flash Head Features


UV Color Corrected Flash Tube (2000 w/s
part number 2406


Model Lamp 300 W, Part Number 0521


Optional Model Lamp 650 W, Part Number


Universal Light stand Mounting (5/8”)


Umbrella Mount (9mm hole)


Protective Flash Head Cover

Setting Up The MH2065v Flash Head

1. Unpack your new Dynalite Flash Head and

make sure that all the items are accounted
for and in accordance with the parts descrip-
tion list.

2. Before firing the flash head, be certain to

remove the plastic flash head protective
cover (Yellow Cap).

3. Mount the flash head to an appropriately

sized (5/8”) and secure the flash head to the
light stand using the locking knob  (see
Parts Designation).

4. With the power pack OFF, connect the

power pack cable to the head cable socket
on the flash head. With the power pack
OFF, connect the other end of the power
pack cord to the power pack socket. Ensure
that both connectors are securely fastened
before turning the power pack ON.

Note: When using the optional 650W Model-
ing lamps in the MH2065v flash heads use no
more than two (2) flash heads in a power
pack at one time, and only one per side

MH2065v Parts Description

Flash Tube (2000 W/s part # 2406)

Modeling Lamp (300 Watt part # 0521 or

optional 650 Watt, part #0520)

Tilt Head

Light Stand Swivel Block (part #P60101)

Locking Tilt Head Handle,

(Multi-position Ratcheting, (part# C47098)

Umbrella Locking Knob (part# C47103)

‡ Illuminated Model Lamp Switch
ˆ Flash Cable Socket
‰Cooling Fan
Š Umbrella Mounting Hole 9mm.