Important safeguards, Flash head set-up, Model lamp replacement – Dynalite MH2015 Flash Head User Manual

Page 2: Flash tube replacement

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Important Safeguards

When using your photographic equipment, basic safety precautions
should always be followed, including the following:
1. Read and understand ALL instructions.
2. DO NOT touch the model lamp(s) or flash tube(s) as an injury could


3. DO NOT operate the equipment with a damaged, cord or if the

equipment has been dropped or damaged, until the equipment has
been checked by an authorized service station.

4. Care should be taken to arrange the flash head cable(s) so that it

will not be tripped over or pulled out.

5. When not in use, unplug the power pack from the electrical outlet.

Never yank the cord to pull the plug from the outlet. Grasp the
plug and pull to disconnect.

6. Let the flash heads cool completely before pulling away. Loop

head cable(s) in an 8” to 10” diameter when storing.

7. DO NOT allow cord(s) or head cable(s) to hang on or touch hot


8. To avoid electrical shock hazard, do not disassemble equipment,

take it to a qualified service station when service or repair is re-
quired. Incorrect reassembly could cause an electrical shock haz-
ard when the equipment is subsequently used.

9. DO NOT use locking rings at power pack end of the extension ca-


10. The use of a properly grounded AC outlet is recommended. Fail-

ure to do so could result in electrical shock hazard.

11. DO NOT attempt to remove the flash tube assembly or the model

lamp without first allowing them to cool. After cooling, unplug the
flash head from the power pack and remove flash tube assembly
and / or model lamp.

12. When attaching and removing flash head accessories, slide the

metal spring clips on and off one at a time. This will facilitate ease
of use for all accessories.

Your new Dynalite flash head is designed to allow user replacement of
the flash tube and model lamp. We request that you read the safety
precautions and follow them completely.

Flash Head Set-up

1. Unpack your new Dynalite flash head and check that all the items

are accounted for in accordance with the shipping list (rear cover)

2. Remove plastic cover from the flash head.
3. Attach cable from the MH2015 head (16”) which is non-detachable

from the head.

Model Lamp Replacement

1. Unplug flash head from the power pack. (Allow to cool if hot.)
2. Remove model lamp from box, being careful not to touch the quartz

envelope. NOTE: leave the safety wrapper around the model lamp

3. Hold flash head in hand in vertical position or on a flat surface.
4. Removal is accomplished by pushing model lamp in and rotating

counter clockwise. Note: Be sure to use safety paper or similar
material in case lamp is still in working order.

5. To install, visually align model lamp bayonet pins with model lamp

socket in flash head. Install with a push and clockwise rotation.
Release lamp and check that it is secured. Remove the safety pa-

Flash Tube Replacement

1. Unplug flash head from the power pack, (Let flash head cool before


2. Grasp the reflector assembly by the edge and pull the tube straight

out. A slight left to right wiggle will aid in removal.

3. To replace flash tube, position flash head with handle on flat sur-

face. Align the three (3) pins of the tube with the three (3) sockets
in the flash head. And gently push the reflector assembly until it is
flush with the end of the head cup.