Operation – West Bend Back to Basics TEM500PDWH User Manual

Page 10

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1. TOAST button operates the toaster only.

2. EGG/TOAST button operates the toasting and egg poaching/cooking functions

together. Specially designed to simultaneously complete both functions.

3. EGG button operates the egg poaching or egg cooking only.

4. CANCEL button turns off the appliance at any time.

5. LIGHT/DARK TOAST LEVER allows you to adjust the overall lightness or dark-

ness of the toast. Push the lever to the left for lighter and to the right for darker



Paula Deen Egg & Muffi n Toaster™ Control Buttons

13. When poaching and toasting are complete the appliance will automatically shut

off and the toast will automatically “pop up”. The “egg”, “toast”, and “egg/toast”

button lights are no longer illuminated which signals the appliance has turned


Note: the egg cooker timing is a function of the amount of water placed in the

heating tray. The more water added the longer the unit will cook.

14. To remove the toast from the Toasting Slots, press up on the Carriage Lever

and remove the toast.

15. Remove the Steamer Tray, Poaching Tray, Warming Tray and Lid off of the

Heating Tray. Caution: Remove trays carefully to avoid being scalded with


16. Take the Lid off of the Warming and Steamer Trays. Allow the remaining steam

to dissipate.

17. Remove the pre-cooked meat and the poached egg from their respective trays.

Assemble a sandwich or enjoy seperately.

18. Unplug the appliance after each use.