Operation – West Bend Back to Basics TEM500PDWH User Manual

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Toaster Only Function

1. Place appliance on a clean fl at surface.

2. Place an english muffi n, bagel, bread, or croissant into the wide Toasting


3. Select the desired level of darkness by adjusting the Light/Dark Lever.

4. Push the “toast” button on the Touchpad. The “toast” button will fl ash red indi-

cating the function selected.

5. Press the Carriage Lever down until it locks into position. The “toast” button

will stop fl ashing and remain illuminated solid red during toasting cycle.(Note:

Carriage Lever will not stay down if appliance is not plugged in).

6. Upon reaching the pre-selected darkness level of toast, the toast will auto-

matically “pop up”. The “toast” button light will turn off.

7. To remove the toast from the Toasting Slots, push up on the Carriage Lever

and remove toast.

8. Unplug the appliance after each use.

The Cancel Function – Press the “cancel” button and the toast will “pop up” and

the appliance will turn off immediately. To stop the toasting cycle before it is

fi nished; press the “cancel” button. Do not pull up on the Carriage Lever to

stop the toasting process.


• Toasted food can be hot. Handle with care when taking toasted food out of the

wide Toasting Slots.

• Do not insert any utensils or fi ngers into the wide Toasting Slots.

• Periodically clean out the Crumb Tray as a build up of bread crumbs may

cause fi re. Never operate the appliance without the Crumb Tray in place.

• Never place buttered bread or pastries with fi llings (i.e. jelly fi lled donuts) or

frostings in toaster, as it may create a fi re hazard.

Egg Cooking Only Function

Egg Poaching (for breakfast sandwich)

1. Place appliance on a clean fl at surface and remove Egg Cooker Assembly.

2. Fill Measuring Cup with water to “soft” or “medium” line above the “POACHED

EGG” mark and pour into the Heating Tray, or add 2 to 2 1/2 tablespoons of

water into the Heating Tray. (See Table on Page 7)

3. Place Steamer Tray on top of Heating Tray.

4. Apply non-stick cooking spray to Poaching Tray.

5. Break an egg into the Poaching Tray and place Poaching Tray inside of

Steamer Tray.

6. Break the yolk by poking it with a fork. The egg may also be scrambled.

7. Optional: Place pre-cooked meat on Warming Tray and place on top of

Steamer & Poaching Trays.

8. Place Lid on top of Warming Tray.