Mi5 powered, Amplifier – OSD Audio MI-5 User Manual

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The MI5 Powered Amplifier can be turned on and off independently

via a switch on the front panel, by signal sensing, or remotely by a

triggered DC input. There is a switch located on the lower edge of

the rear panel of the amplifier to select how you would like to turn

on the MI5 power Amplifier. If you would like to control the unit’s

power On/Power off status manually from the front, place the

switch in the unit’s power On/Power off status by means of signal

sensing, place the switch in the “Auto On” position. If you would

like to control the unit’s power On/Power off status by a DC

Remote trigger, place the switch in the ”TRIGGER” position, and

connect the remote triggering device to the terminal labeled “

TRIGGER IN” next to the switch.




Congratulations on your purchase of OSD Powered Amplifier.

Note: If any part of this product is damaged or missing,

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Using the controls/ Front Panel

MI6 Powered Amplifier. Please take a few moments to read this

entire manual, and be sure to retain this document for future

reference please read and observe all safety instructions detailed

on page.

The front panel switch will manually switch the MI5 Powered

Amplifier on or off. A blue led behind the faceplate lens indicates its

power status. Whenever the amplifier’s power switch is in the “ON”

position and the amplifier is in ”active” status the lens is illuminate

blue. If the amplifier is “ON” but in the “standby” status the lens is

illuminated RED.

You should use a 3.5mm phone plug in the “IN” connector to make

this connection. The tip of the connector is positive, and the sleeve

of the connector is negative. A second terminal in the same block is

labeled “OUT”. This allows for remote turn-on of other devices

when the MI5 powered Amplifier is powered on. Use the same

polarity for the terminals of this plug. Please read the owner’s

manual for any devices you are attempting to connect in this

manner to ensure compatibility.

Note: The front panel power switch must be in the “ON”

Position for the triggers or “Auto ON” features to operate.


Using The Controls/ Back Panel


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