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MI5 Powered Amplifier Specifications

Power Bandwidth 20Hz-20kHz:

80W per CH into 8 ohm loads with less than 0.2% THD+N

125W per CH into 4 ohm loads with less than 0.2% THD+N

250W Bridged Mono into 8 ohms with less than 0.2% THD+N

Crosstalk:>65dB@1kHz, ref. To rated power into 8 ohms

Frequency Response: (20Hz to 20kHz)+0.0dB, -0.5dB

Signal to Noise ratio:-103dB ref. To rated power into 4 ohms

AC Power Consumption: 1200W (all channels driven)

Net Weight: 24.3 lbs (11.0 kgs)

Gross Weight: 32.2 lbs (14.6 kgs)

AC Mains Fuse:

115V~60Hz T10AL,250V

230V~50Hz T5AL,250V

Limited Warranty

OSD AUDIO: Warrants its amplifier products against defects in

materials and workman-ship for a limited period of time. For a period

of two years from date of original purchase, we will repair or replace

the product, at out option, without charge for parts and labor.

Customer must pay all parts and labor charges for factory refurbished

product expires after ninety (90) days from date of original purchase.

Whenever you are using loudspeakers outdoors, you should be

Aware that sound does not travel like it would in your home.

Without the reflective surfaces of walls and ceilings, sound outdoors

will dissipate quickly. Therefore, in an outdoor situation the MI6

Powered Amplifier provides the opportunity to bridge adjacent

channels, effectively doubling the available power for your speakers,

This can help to overcome the problem of using speakers outdoors

assuming the speakers chosen are capable of handling the additional


It should be noted that the MI6 Powered Amplifier is rated to

operate into minimum 8-ohm bridged load. Therefore, if you

are using more than single 8-ohm loudspeaker in bridged mode you

should consider using an impedance matching speaker selector,

such as the SVCC-6 or possibly using an impedance matching

volume control, such as the SVC-300, VKR-120 or VMS-300 in a

weatherproof housing available at your favorite DIY store or electri-

cal supply. The choice of a volume control would allow you the

additional flexibility of being able to attenuate the volume whenever



Powering Speaker Outdoors

This warranty will become void if the serial number identification has

been wholly or partially removed, altered or erased. Repair or replace-

ment under the terms of this warranty does not extend the terms of this

warranty. Should a product prove to be defective in workmanship or

material, the consumer’s sole remedies will be repair or replacements as

provided under the terms of this warranty. Under no circumstances shall

OSD be liable for loss or damage, direct, consequential or incidental,

arising out of the use of or inability to use the product. There are no

express warranties other than described above

Consumers are required to provide a copy of the original sales invoice

from an authorized OSD dealer when making a claim against this limited

warranty. This limited warranty only covers failures due to defects in

materials or workmanship that occur during normal use. It does not cover

failures resulting from accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, mishandling,

misapplication, alteration, faulty installation, modification, service by

anyone other than OSD or damage that is attributable to acts of god. It

does not cover costs of transportation to OSD or damage in transit. The

customer should return their defective product, freight prepaid and

insured, to OSD AUDIO. Only after receiving a Return Authorization.

This limited warranty applies only to purchases from authorized OSD

Electronics retailers. This limited warranty is extended only to the original



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