Caution, Notice – Bissell 10N6 User Manual

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Special on-board tools (continued)

Crevice Tool: Use in tight narrow spaces.

Extension Wand: Use with desired attachment for

a longer reach.

Hose Wand: Use with desired attachment for a

longer reach or for cleaning hard to reach


Pet Contour Tool: Use to reach into corners

and edges on stairs as well as armrests

and other curved surfaces. The tool can be

flipped to use in any direction.

TurboBrush Pet: Use rotating brush action for

small flat areas such as cushions and beds.

NOTE: Press gently down and pull towards

you in a raking motion. Too much pressure

will cause the brush to stop rotating.




w w w . b i s s e l l . c o m


The rotating floor brush continues to rotate while tools are in use. To reduce

the risk of injury from moving parts, always move the cleaner with the carrying

handle. Always place vacuum cleaner on the floor with handle in upright position

when using tools. Never place your fingers under the cleaner when it is running.

Never place powerfoot on furniture or uneven surfaces. Do not place vacuum

cleaner close enough to objects to pull them into rotating brush.


Hair, string and small objects can block

the vacuum hose or tools. Check them

occasionally for obstructions.


These tools are designed to

remove pet hair from upholstered

or carpeted surfaces. They

should not be used on pets.

Dusting Brush/

Upholstery Tool

Extension Wand

Crevice Tool

Hose Wand


Hose Wand

Pet Contour Tool

Pet Contour Tool

TurboBrush Pet

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