Memory settings screen, Processor settings screen – Dell PowerEdge T410 User Manual

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Memory Settings Screen

Processor Settings Screen



System Memory Voltage

Displays the system memory voltage.

Memory Operating Voltage
(Auto Default)

Sets the system memory voltage selection.

Memory Operating Mode Displays the type of memory operation if a valid memory

configuration is installed. When set to Optimizer mode, the
memory controllers run independent of each other for
improved memory performance. When set to Mirror mode,
memory mirroring is enabled. When set to Advanced ECC
Mode, two controllers are joined in 128-bit mode running
multi-bit advanced ECC. The Spare mode option is present
on systems with the Intel Xeon 5600 series processors only.



C1E (Enabled default)

Sets the processor performance state to minimum
when the system is idle.

Intel QPI Bandwidth Priority
(Compute default)

Sets the bandwidth priority to compute or I/O.
Recommended for HPC applications.

Adjacent Cache Line Prefetch
(Enabled default)

Enables high utilization of sequential memory access.


Disable this option for applications that require

high utilization of random memory access.

Hardware Prefetcher
(Enabled default)

Enables or disables the hardware prefetcher.

DCU Streamer Prefetcher
(Enabled default)

Enables Data Cache Unit streamer prefetcher.
Recommended for HPC applications.

Data Reuse
(Enabled default)

Enables or disables data reuse. Recommended
for HPC applications.