Dell PowerEdge Rack Enclosure 4020S User Manual

Installing the rack stabilizer feet, About warnings, Recommended tools and supplies

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About Warnings


A WARNING indicates a potential for property damage, personal injury,

or death.

Installing the Rack Stabilizer Feet


Installing systems in a rack without the front and side stabilizer feet

installed could cause the rack to tip over, potentially resulting in bodily injury under
certain circumstances. Therefore, always install the stabilizer feet before installing
components in the rack.


After installing systems in a rack, never pull more than one system out of

the rack on its slide assemblies at one time. The weight of more than one extended
system could cause the rack to tip over and cause injury.


For stability, you must ensure that a minimum of 50 lbs. is installed in the

bottom 3-U spaces of the rack cabinet.


For complete rack installation instructions, see your rack installation guide.

The stabilizer feet help prevent the rack from tipping over when a system
or other component is pulled out of the rack with the slide assemblies fully

Install stabilizer feet on the rack as follows:

Install front and side stabilizer feet on a standalone rack.

Install front stabilizer feet on all racks in a suite, and install left or right
stabilizer feet on the racks at each end of a suite.

Recommended Tools and Supplies

You may need the following tools and supplies to install the rack:

12-mm wrench

Keys to the rack doors and side panels

October 2008