Low voltage memory modules (ddr3l dimms), New bios setup options, Integrated devices screen – Dell PowerEdge R410 User Manual

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Low Voltage Memory Modules (DDR3L DIMMs)

Intel Xeon 5600 series processors support DDR3L DIMMs enabling a lower
operating voltage (1.35 V) that ensures memory power savings up to 20% per
DIMM. DDR3L memory is backward-compatible to Intel Xeon 5500 series and
operates at standard voltage (1.5 V) without any limitations.

Operating the system memory at a lower voltage may cause restrictions to
additional frequency and memory population capabilities. For example,
populating three memory modules per channel is not supported at 1.35 V.

Systems with 1.35 V DDR3L memory operates the memory modules at 1.5 V
if any of the following conditions exist:

Intel Xeon 5500 series processors

Two 1333 MHz DIMMs per channel

A combination of both standard and low voltage memory modules

For information on the memory configuration guidelines, see your system’s
Hardware Owner’s Manual at support.dell.com/manuals.


BIOS setup options allow the user to control frequency and voltage

configuration within allowable limits.

New BIOS Setup Options

Integrated Devices Screen



SR-IOV-Global Enable


Disabled default)

Enables/disables BIOS configuration of Single Root
I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) devices.

Applies to PowerEdge R410, R510, R610, R710, R910,

T410, T610, and T710 systems only.