Cisco 7936 User Manual

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Cisco 7936 IP Phone Quick Start Guide

7936 IP Handset Guide

Version 2.0

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Call Forward All Calls

Allows you to forward all

your calls to another


To set Call Forwarding

To cancel Call


Press the CFwdALL soft button. You will hear a

confirmation beep.

Dial the number to which you want to forward all your calls

Dial the number exactly as you would if you were placing a

call to that number (Dial ‘0’ to get a line out)

Press the # button or End Call soft button

The phone display will be updated to show ‘Forwarded to


Press CFwdALL soft button

Transfer a Call

During a call, press the Transfer soft button

Dial the number to which you want to transfer the call to


1. As soon as you finish dialling the number, the call is

transferred and automatically disconnected from the

dialling Cisco 7936 IP Phone. This is a ‘blind’ transfer;

there will be no opportunity to announce the call.

2. If the transfer fails (e.g. engaged tone), press Resume

soft button to return to the original call.

Other Call Functions