Dell PowerEdge Rack Enclosure 4020S User Manual

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Cable Routing Procedures for the Dell PowerEdge VRTX System


Replacing a blower module

Figure 7.

Section 4: Cabling a PowerEdge VRTX system without a CMA

NOTE: The CMA for Dell PowerEdge VRTX is optional. Without the CMA installed, the system must be
powered down and all cables disconnected before it can be extended out of the rack.

1. Connect all applicable cables to the rear of the system and verify that all connections are secure.

2. Using the hook-and-loop straps supplied with the rail kit, bundle the cables and secure them to

either the left or right CMA attachment bracket as described in the Rack Installation Instructions.
See Figure 8 for an example of data cables secured to the right CMA bracket and power cables
secured to the left CMA bracket (as viewed from the rear of the system).

3. It is recommended that the cables be secured to the outer brackets, but cables may be secured to

the inner brackets as well if desired.

Cable routing without a CMA

Figure 8.