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Dell Systems Build and Update Utility (SBUU)

The SBUU is on the Systems Management Tools and Documentation DVD that ships with your system. Using SBUU,
you can configure RAID, install an operating system, and update firmware. Boot from the DVD and you will see all
of the options in the user interface.

To install an operating system using SBUU:


Turn on the server.


At POST, press < F11> when prompted for BIOS Boot Manager.


Highlight the optical drive containing the Dell Systems Build and Update Utility and press <Enter>.


Click Configure in the Server OS Installation.

SBUU will now ask questions about the installation you wish to perform. The answers to these questions
will be used to configure RAID, as well as to customize and to automate the operating system installation
process. Click Continue after answering each question.


Select any options you want on the Operating System Installation Summary page and click Apply Now.

SBUU will now prepare for the installation. Remember that you can place your mouse pointer over the “I”
balloons in the SBUU to receive more information about that item.


When prompted, remove the SBUU DVD and insert the operating system DVD. The installation will

continue automatically.

NOTE: Windows® Server 2008 will not prompt for the operating system media at this time. The server will
reboot, start the operating system installation, and then ask for the operating system DVD.


The system will reboot when the SBUU completes the initial setup for the installation. The server should

boot to the hard drive at this time to start the operating system installation.


Depending on the operating system you chose to install, other reboots may occur at different times as a

part of the operating system installation process.


The operating system and required drivers should now be installed.

NOTE: For additional information on SBUU and the features of the program,

for the SBUU


Dell OpenManage™ Deployment Toolkit (DTK)

The Dell OpenManage Deployment Toolkit (DTK) is a collection of utilities that can be built into pre-installation
environments, such as WinPE and embedded Linux. The DTK also contains sample scripts and help files to aid you
in understanding how to use this tool. The DTK not only provides the ability to install an operating system, but also
allows you to configure hardware settings such as RAID levels and BIOS settings. For additional information and
features, download the DTK from

(look in the Systems Management section, if searching

for a particular server model).

NOTE: The DTK does not support 64-bit WinPE at this time; however, Dell plans to add this support in the future.