Dell MINI 3IX User Manual

Messaging, Home screen, Dialer

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To launch messaging, tap the Messaging icon


You can also insert images, videos, or captured photos and

sounds in your messages.

Keyboard Navigation

When you start a program or select a field that requires text or

numbers, the input panel appears automatically. Commonly used

phrases and words appear in the input panel as you enter text.
Tap the language icon to change the input language. Press and

hold the language icon to change between the following input


Qwerty Keyboard — Enter

text by tapping letters on the

keyboard. Tap

to access

numbers and symbols, and

<Alt> to access more symbols.

Press and hold


Phone KeyPad — Enter words

with predictive text using the

phone-style keypad.
HandWriting — Write text on

the screen using your finger.

Home Screen

The Home screen displays the applications available on

your phone. To view the Home screen, flick your finger to the

right or left on the Idle screen.

Launch applications — To launch an

application tap the icon.

Rearrange icons

Press and hold an icon.


In the Menu manager window,


tap Reorder menu.
Press and drag the icon to the


desired location.
Press any button on the side


of your phone to lock the icon


Connection Manager — Allows you to quickly access

connections, profiles, and running applications. To access

the Connection Manager, slide your finger from the top to the

bottom on any screen.


To launch the dialer, tap the Phone icon


Phone book

Tap the icon to view

your phone book.

Call Log

Tap the icon to view

dialed, received, or

missed calls.


Tap the icon to view

the favorites screen.

To make a call:

Dial a number manually using the dialer

Tap a number in either your phone book, on the recent call

log, or from your favorites

Screen Orientation

To change the orientation of the screen from portrait to

landscape and vice-versa, rotate the phone.

Idle Screen

The Idle screen appears when your phone is not in use.

Icons appear on the idle screen

to notify you of a new message, a

missed call, upcoming calendar

event, alarm, or other information.

Unlock — To unlock your phone,

drag the slider across the screen.

Favorites — Allows you to quickly

access your favorite applications.

Power button
Press and hold to turn on/off the phone.
Press once to:

lock/unlock the display when it is active.

wake up the display when it is in sleep mode.

Home or Back button
Press and hold to view the Home screen.
Press once to view the previous screen.

Mini-USB connector
Use to charge the phone and connect to a computer or


Volume/Camera zoom buttons
Press to increase or decrease the volume level.
Press to zoom in or zoom out in camera mode.

Options button
Press to view the Options menu.

Camera button
Press to activate the camera, take photos, or capture



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