Network controller driver – Dell C/Dock Expansion Station User Manual

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Dell Latitude C/Dock Expansion Station Before You Dock


25. Remove the Dell Latitude C/Dock APM Driver for

Windows NT Diskette from the computer’s disk-
ette drive.

26. Insert the Dell Latitude C/Dock PC Card Driver

for Windows NT Diskette 1 of 2 into the com-
puter’s diskette drive.

27. Click the Start button and click Run.

28. Type


and click OK.

29. Click the installation button, and follow the

instructions on the display.

30. When prompted, remove the diskette and click

Restart Now to restart the computer.

31. Follow the instructions on the display to config-

ure the PC Card diagnostics feature.

32. Shut down the computer and dock it.

33. Turn on the computer.

34. Install the network driver you deleted in step 16.

For instructions, see the next subsection.

Network Controller Driver

If your computer uses Windows NT, use the following
procedure to install the driver for the network controller
on the C/Dock Expansion Station.

NOTE: You must have administrator privileges to per-
form the following procedure.


Shut down and dock the computer, and then press
the power button and log on.

If a PCI video card is installed in the C/Dock Expan-
sion Station, select Windows NT Workstation
Version 4.00 (VGA mode).

If there is no PCI video card installed, select
Windows NT Workstation Version 4.00.


If a PCI video card is installed in the C/Dock
Expansion Station, go to step 3. If there is no PCI
video card installed, go to step 9.


At the Invalid Display Settings window, click OK.


At the Display Properties window, click Load
Drivers Now.


Click Display Type.


Click Change.


Click Have Disk.


Install the PCI video card driver.

For instructions, see “Installing a Windows NT
Driver for a PCI Video Card” found later in this


Highlight the Network Neighborhood icon on the
desktop and right click.

10. From the menu, select Properties.

11. In the Network window, click the Adapters tab.

12. Click Add.

13. Click Have Disk.

14. Type



click OK.

15. In the Select OEM Option window, highlight

3Com Fast EtherLink XL Adapter (3C905) and
click OK.

16. After the driver is installed, click Continue.

17. In the 3Com NIC Diagnostics window, select the

Properties tab.

18. In the Individual Settings box, click Media Type

and set the option to Autoselect.

19. In the 3NICDiag window, click OK.

20. In the 3 Com NIC Diagnostics window, click OK.

21. When prompted, click No to change configura-

tion settings and restart your computer.

22. In the Network window, click the Identification


23. Click Change.

24. Enter the computer name and workgroup name

appropriate for your network.

If the computer name and workgroup name are not
correct, the computer cannot recognize other com-
puters on the network. If necessary, see your network
administrator for the proper identifications.

25. Click OK to close the Identification window.

26. Click Close to close the Network window.

27. When prompted, click Yes to restart the