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Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for Cisco Digital Media Player 4300G


Documentation Feedback

Documentation Feedback

You can provide feedback about Cisco technical documentation on the Cisco Support site area by
entering your comments in the feedback form available in every online document.

Cisco Product Security Overview

Cisco provides a free online Security Vulnerability Policy portal at this URL:

From this site, you will find information about how to do the following:

Report security vulnerabilities in Cisco products

Obtain assistance with security incidents that involve Cisco products

Register to receive security information from Cisco

A current list of security advisories, security notices, and security responses for Cisco products is
available at this URL:

To see security advisories, security notices, and security responses as they are updated in real time, you
can subscribe to the Product Security Incident Response Team Really Simple Syndication (PSIRT RSS)
feed. Information about how to subscribe to the PSIRT RSS feed is found at this URL:

Reporting Security Problems in Cisco Products

Cisco is committed to delivering secure products. We test our products internally before we release them,
and we strive to correct all vulnerabilities quickly. If you think that you have identified a vulnerability
in a Cisco product, contact PSIRT:

For emergencies only —

An emergency is either a condition in which a system is under active attack or a condition for which
a severe and urgent security vulnerability should be reported. All other conditions are considered

For nonemergencies —

In an emergency, you can also reach PSIRT by telephone:

1 877 228-7302

1 408 525-6532


We encourage you to use Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) or a compatible product (for example, GnuPG) to
encrypt any sensitive information that you send to Cisco. PSIRT can work with information that has been
encrypted with PGP versions 2.x through 9.x.

Never use a revoked encryption key or an expired encryption key. The correct public key to use in your
correspondence with PSIRT is the one linked in the Contact Summary section of the Security
Vulnerability Policy page at this URL: