Nikon FM10 User Manual

With, Nikon fm10, 70mm nikkor zoom

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Nikon FM10


35-70mm Nikkor Zoom

If you want (otal manual control, tJie FM10 fs a great choice. SeSect
shutter speed and aperture. Use manual film advance and rewind
manually. The Center-Weighted light meter guides you towards a great
exposure, but you have options to do rt on your own. You focus manu­
ally and preview depth-of-fieid to see the image quality and sharpness.
It's 100% your choice ~ a graat way to learn ar>d build contidence.

The FM10 is packaged in an outfit with a 36-70mm f/3.5-4,3 Zoom
Nikkor lens, Eveready case, strap and batteries. It's a great first 35mm
camera for the enthusiast who wants to begin with basics without

cutting comers. For the Nikon enthusiast, the FM10 is a great additional

camera - light, compact and it accepts AF Nikkor and Ai-S Nikkor
lenses for manual focusing operation; it fits perfectly into any photogra­
pher’s Nikon system. And, there’s nothing like SLR viewing and
interchangeable Nikkor lenses to stimulate creativity.

35-70mm f/3.5-4.B Zoom Nikkor


From its traditional wide argie to pmrtnart tetephuto range, ltiis Zoom Nikkor providss a flGKible and creative range tor
general pfiotography.

Shutter speeds up to tfZDGO second


Shoot action stopping sharp pictures at up to 1/2000 sec., or achieve creative light patterns at si


/ speeds like 1 second.

The wide shutter range will handle rriost picture taking situations and works great with a^^ide range of ISO film speeds.

Sulb setting_____________________________________________________________
For vary tong erq^osures, Iho B sotlirng lots you capture beautikjl night scenes, cityscapes with vibrant tilting, and long time

exposures tor creative esocitng photography. A -tripod is naquired for hast results.

Oepth-of-field preview


Using (hrough-the-lens SLFI vle^'inng, and being able to see ttie range ot sharpness is an exciting way fcr the new
photographer to see what's happening. It spurs their vision ar>d helps tnem make better pictures.

Double exposures


Double exposures can be lots of fun, and with creative liiuugtil and carefiJ praparalicn. g real pctures can resUK.

Daylight niaht-time and indoors


Flash photography is easy and dnect with the FM1D. Its buitt-in ISO tiot stioa will accept just about any Nikon Speedlight 1er
manual flash operation or non-TTL auto.

Nikkor lenses
The FMI0 is supplied with me 35-70 Zoom Nikkor, end there's a coenpaiible, llc^it and compact 70-210 lens available too. As

your Nikon system gmvjs, there are so many more AF Nikkor and AI-3 NiNior lenses to choose from - SJI perfectly
compatible with the Ffyli O's manual tdeusihg operatiori,

Center-weighted meter_________________________________________________________________________

Time proven and very accuraftB, Ihis ligtit meter will giide the phologrqptier iowarefs excellent exposures. With the built-in +0-

LEO display, Creative adjusimenia are just a tuin-of-a-diai away

Manual advance and rewind_____________________________________________________________

Comfortable handling, ightweight, compact and very convenient, the Nikon FM10 v^ll deliver, roll after rofl.

70'21f)iTimt/4.5-5,6ZoomNlkkor ___________________________________________

This optional 3X telephoto zoom Ions offers the mosi popular telephoto zoom range, perfect for action, candid, sports and

port raitu ret

@Nikon tic. 1


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