LG LDS4821WW User Manual

LG Dishwashers

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U.S. Government

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Capacity: Standard

LG Eiectronics inc.

Modei LDF69****
Modei LDS48****

Estimated Yearly Operating Cost

(when used with an electric water heater)




1 1 1

Cost Range of Similar Models


The estimated yearly operating cost of this model was not available at the time the range was published.


Estimated Yearly Operating Cost

(when used with a natural gas water heater)

Your cost will depend on your utility rates and use.

• Cost range based only on standard capacity models.

• Estimated operating cost based on four wash loads a week and a 2007

national average electricity cost of 10.65 cents per kWh and natural gas

cost of $1.218 per therm.

• For more information, visltwww.ftc.gov/appliances.



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