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Frying time and temperature

The frying times in the chart below are approximate and should be adjusted to suit

your own tastes, different food quantities and food manufacturer instructions.




Meat strips

375°F / 190°C

8 to 10

Chicken wings

365°F / 185°C

20 to 25

Fish (battered)

375°F / 190°C

6 to 8

Frozen French fries

Follow food manufacturer’s directions


375°F / 190°C

2 to 4

Onion rings

375°F / 190°C

5 to 8

The reset feature

Your appliance is equipped with a feature that protects it from damage due to

overheating. If for some reason the appliance overheats, it will automatically switch

off. Once the appliance has been reset, it can be turned on again.

Reset the appliance

Unplug the appliance from the wall outlet.

Let the appliance and the oil in the reservoir cool completely.

After the appliance has cooled completely, use the tip of a ball point pen or

pencil, and push the reset button (13), which is located at the back of the control

assembly (ill.

). Then you may resume frying.


Choosing the right cooking oil

As a general rule, choose cooking oils with a high smoke point and avoid

flavored oils.

Suitable: Pure corn oil, blended vegetable oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, grape

seed oil
Not suitable: Olive oil, peanut oil, walnut oil, lard

Cooking with oil

Cooking oil can enhance the food’s flavor – or spoil its taste. As with any other food

component, freshness and correct handling of the oil is the key to successful deep

frying results.

The quality of the oil decreases with use at high temperatures. Food particles, water

and other liquids will further lower its quality, therefore:

Do not mix different cooking oils

Only use fresh and clean cooking oils:

Regularly remove burnt food particles while frying.


After use and before storage, filter oil with a fine-mesh filter to remove


smaller particles.

Do not reuse oil that has been used to fry fish or other strongly flavored



Some meats, such as chicken wings, will release large amounts of liquids


when frying, thus watering down the oil. Do not reuse this oil.

Do not use the cooking oil anymore if you notice the following:

Before use: oil smells rancid or its color has visibly darkened.

While frying: oil is foaming strongly or smoke appears on the oil’s surface at

normal operating temperature.

Storing oil

Do not store used cooking oil in the refrigerator. Choose a cool place that is not

subject to sunlight. Generally, oil may be stored for a period of 3 month, once

the bottle is opened. Please observe the oil manufacturer’s storage directions as


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