Operation – FARBERWARE 103737 2.5L Dual Deep Fryer User Manual

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Attach the magnetic plug

(11) to the socket on the back side of the control

assembly (14). The magnetic plug (11) is designed to only fit one way. Be sure

the side stating THIS SIDE UP is facing up (ill.


NOTE: Make sure the appliance is switched off before connecting it to the electric


Insert the plug

(10) into a wall outlet (ill.

). The POWER indicator (20) and

READY indicator (19) turn on.

CAUTION: Do not fry food without the basket (4) (ill.


Turn the temperature control knob

(18) to the required temperature (  


time and temperature). The READY indicator (19) will turn on when the set

temperature is reached.

Approximate time durations until set temperature is reached:



375°F / 190°C

about 13 minutes

340°F / 170°C

about 10 minutes

300°F / 150°C

about 8 minutes

265°F / 130°C

about 7 minutes

After the oil has been preheated, remove the lid


Lift out the frying basket

(4) and place the basket on a heat resistant surface or


Fill the frying basket

(4) with food (ill.

). Do not place too much food into the

frying basket (4) (ill.


Carefully lower the frying basket

(4) into the oil reservoir (8).

Cover the appliance with the lid

(3) (ill.


CAUTION: After immersing the frying basket (4) in the oil, immediately place the

lid (3) on the appliance. Danger of hot oil splashing out.

CAUTION: Food added to the appliance must be dry. If frying frozen foods such as

French fries or chicken wings, remove all ice particles from the frozen foods prior to

frying to prevent oil from overflowing.


CAUTION: Always remove excess moisture from food by patting with paper towel

before frying. Even a small amount of water can cause severe splattering of hot oil.

NOTE: When frying fresh cut potatoes and high moisture content food, lower the

basket slowly into the oil. If the oil boils or foams too rapidly raise the basket for

a few seconds and lower again. Do this until the basket can be lowered without

excess foaming. Do not use the cover when frying fresh cut potatoes or other high

moisture content foods.

NOTE: For frying times, see Frying time and temperature or use the recommended

times for your recipe.

After the frying time has elapsed, remove the lid


Lift out the frying basket

(4) and hang it onto the basket hook (6) on the rim of

the oil reservoir (8).

Let the food drain in the frying basket

(4) for a few seconds to remove excess oil

and retain crispness.

Carefully lift the frying basket

(4) and pour the food onto a place that has been

covered with a paper towel to collect remaining oil.

After the cooking process is finished, turn the temperature control knob

(18) to

OFF position.

To completely switch off the appliance, always disconnect the plug

(10) from

the wall outlet before removing the magnetic plug (11) from the socket on the

appliance (ill.



CAUTION: The break-away power cord is for accidental disconnection. Do not

remove during normal operation. If the cord becomes disconnected, immediately

remove the plug (10) from the wall outlet. Turn the temperature control knob (18)

to OFF position and then reconnect the magnetic plug (11) to the appliance. Then

reconnect the plug (10) to the wall outlet.

CAUTION: This appliance generates heat and steam during use. Proper precautions

must be taken to prevent the risk of burns, fires or other injuries to persons or

damage to property. Do not leave the appliance unattended while in use.

CAUTION: The metal surfaces of the appliance become hot. Do not touch while in

use. Allow the appliance to cool at least 30 minutes before handling.

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