Operation, Before first use, Using the appliance – FARBERWARE 103739 Square Waffle Maker User Manual

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Before first use

Remove all packaging materials, labels and/or stickers from your appliance.

Check package contents for completeness and damage. Do not operate the

appliance if package content is incomplete or appear damaged. Return it

immediately to the dealer.

Clean your appliance thoroughly before using it for the first time (


CAution: Danger of suffocation! Packaging materials are not toys. Always keep

plastic bags, foils and Styrofoam parts away from babies and children. Packaging

material could block nose and mouth and prevent breathing.

Place the appliance on a clean, flat and heat resistant surface.

Connect the plug

(8) to a suitable wall outlet (ill.


) (  

Using the appliance).

notE: The appliance may produce an odor and emit smoke when switched on for

the first time, as residues from the production process are eliminated. This is normal

and does not indicate a defect or hazard.

When using the appliance for the first time, it is recommended to operate it for

at least 5 minutes on its highest setting (  

Operation), until no odor or smoke is

present. During use, ensure ample ventilation.

CAution: Never let the power cord (8) come in contact with the waffle plates (3,

5) (ill.



CAution: Never touch the waffle plates (3, 5) when the appliance is plugged in

and switched on (ill.



Let the appliance cool completely.

Clean the appliance (


using the appliance

Use the appliance for making waffles only.
notE: The appliance has a rated power of 1200W. Before plugging it into the wall

outlet, ensure that the electrical circuit is not overloaded with other appliances. This

appliance should always be operated on a separate 120V ~ 60Hz wall outlet.

CAution: Always use an oven mitten to protect your hand when handling the

appliance. Escaping steam can burn and appliance housing is hot.

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