Just Better 720-97 ARI Standard Refrigerant Access Valves and Hose Connectors User Manual

Refrigerant access valves and hose connectors

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Refrigerant Access Valves and Hose Connectors

Section 1. Purpose


. The purpose of this standard is to

establish, for refrigerant access valves and hose

connectors used in refrigerating and air-conditioning

systems; definitions, location requirements, dimensions

and materials, gaging procedures and conformance


1.1.1Intent. This standard is intended for the

guidance of the industry, including manufacturers,

engineers, installers, contractors and users.

1.2Review and Amendment . This standard is subject

to review and amendment as technology advances.

Section 2. Scope

2.1Scope . This standard applies to 1/4 in. SAE flare

refrigerant access valves and hose connectors as

defined in Section 3.

2.1.2Refrigerant . This standard applies to access

valves and hose connectors intended for use with

halogenated hydrocarbon refrigerants.

Section 3. Definitions

3.1Definitions. . All terms in this document will follow

the standard industry definitions in the current edition

of ASHRAE Terminology of Heating, Ventilation, Air

Conditioning and Refrigeration unless otherwise

defined in this section.
3.2Refrigerant Access Valve . A refrigerant access

valve is a normally closed valve containing a refrigerant

valve core incorporating a SAE external flare

connection means and used for the purpose of

servicing refrigeration or air conditioning systems.
3.3Refrigerant Access Valve Body . A refrigerant

access valve body is a special fitting machined such

that is provides the external details of a SAE flare

connector and internal details to permit the insertion of

a refrigerant valve core.
3.4Refrigerant Access Valve Hose Connector . A

refrigerant access valve hose connector is a modified

SAE internal threaded flare connector suitable for

sealed attachment to a refrigerant hose and containing

a flare sealing gasket and a depressor to automatically

depress the valve core pin as the connector is

threaded on the access valve external flare connection.

A refrigerant valve core is

an assembly containing a spring and moveable core

pin and seating details, suitably threaded for insertion

into a refrigerant access valve body to provide a

normally closed valve arrangement intended for use

with a refrigeration or air conditioning system.

Depression of the core pin opens the valve.
3.6"Shall", "Should", "Recommended", or "It Is

Recommended". "Shall", "should", "recommended", or

"it is recommended" shall be interpreted as follows:

3.6.1Shall . Where "shall" or "shall not" is used for

a provision specified, that provision is mandatory if

compliance with the standard is claimed.
3.6.2Should, Recommended, or It is

Recommended . "Should", "recommended", or "it is

recommended" is used to indicate provisions

which are not mandatory but which are desirable

as good practice.

Section 4. Location Requirements





Figure 1


With A Recommended

Initial Assembly Torque of

1-1/2 To 3 In. Lbs.

4.1 Location of Valve Core Pin in Access Valve Body .

The internal machining of the access valve body shall

be such that the insertion of the valve core into the

valve body with a recommended initial assembly

torque between 1-1/2 to 3 inch pounds [1.7 to 3.4 cm

kg or 0.17 to 0.34N • m], shall provide a refrigerant

seal and position the top of the core pin at a location

between 0.010 in. [0.25 mm] above to 0.035 in. [0.89

mm] below the end face of the valve body flare, see

Figure 1 above.

Location of Hose Connector Gasket and Core Pin

Depressor . With the core pin located within the limits

specified by this standard, the core pin depressor in

the hose connector shall be positioned to permit

threaded engagement with the access body flare

threads and connector gasket contact with the body

flare face before the depressor engages the core pin.
It is recommended that for full flow the hose connector

and pin depressor should be capable of depressing the

core pin a minimum of 0.020 in. [0.51 mm].

ARI Standard 720-97



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3.5 Refrigerant Valve Core.