NUU Wake User Manual

Page 7

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Battery Status LED

The green Battery Status LED

will turn on to show that the Wave’s internal battery is charging. When battery is fully

charged, the green Battery Status LED

will turn off . Fully charged, the Wave will have up to 7 hours of playback time.

The Red Low Battery Status LED

will turn on when the battery has only 15 minutes operation time left.

NOTE: Battery life varies by volume and audio content.

USB Charge Port

This port provides a standard USB-A socket

with which to charge your USB devices. Turn the Wave on, and plug in

your device’s USB charging cable to start charging your device.
NOTE: USB-A socket

has an output limit of 5V ---- 1A.

NOTE: While smartphones should charge normally whether asleep or awake, larger devices such as tablets may need to be

asleep in order to charge from the Wave’s charge port.
NOTE: Charging your USB device with the NUU Wave will impact battery life and playback time.