Xpres TECMARK Digital Sign Vinyls User Manual


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XP2125 Digit 100

XP2126 Digit 150 Cling

XP3136 Banner vinyl

Tec Mark printable media is designed to be printed using Solvent or Eco Solvent Inks. Ensure the printable media
is face up in the printer before printing/cutting. Profiles for the Roland Versacamm can be downloaded directly from
the Xpres Website: www.xpres.co.uk/tech_support


For XP2120/1 Tec Mark 3000 & XP2125 Digit 100 media please use the ‘Tecmark Digit 100' Profile


For XP2126 Digit 150 Cling media please use the ‘Tecmark Digit 150 Cling’ Profile


For XP3136 Banner Vinyl media please use the ‘Tecbanner’ Profile

Please note:


When printing XP2126 Digit 150 Cling, do not use the Roland Versacamm media clamps


Unroll the material to leave slack on the roll when printing/cutting

1. Insert vinyl into the cutter, colour side up and clamp into position.

2. Once satisfied with the vinyl position send the job to the cutter
(recommended force: 100-110gf).

3. Once cut weed away the excess material around the design as in diagram 1.

4. Cut the design off the roll as in diagram 2.




Diagram 1.

Diagram 3.

Diagram 4.

Diagram 2.

5. Cover your design with application tape as in diagram 3.

6. Using sufficient pressure use the squeegee to flatten and
smooth out any bubbles diagram 4.



Diagram 5.

7. Turn over and peel backing off the application tape diagram 5.

Diagram 6.

8. Your design is now ready for application diagram 6.


Diagram 7.


9. Ensure your application area is clean and free of dust. Position the
design carefully. With sufficient pressure use the squeegee to apply
the design and to smooth out bubbles and imperfections. When
applied remove the application tape.

Tips: Use an alcohol based solution on the application area to remove
any grease. To aid re-positioning of the logo on the application area, spray with

water before applying the design.

XP2120/1 Tec Mark 3000

XP2120/1 Tec mark 3000 and XP2125 Digit 100 can be used with XP2122/3/4 Application Tape. For instructions
please see the below steps:

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