ITW Linx GRM0600 User Manual

Racmax 0600 installation instructions, Caution, Model: grm0600)

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Do not install this device if there is not at least 10 meters (30 feet) or more of wire between the electrical

outlet and the electrical service panel.

“This device features an internal protection that will disconnect the surge protective component at the end

of its useful life but will maintain power to the load-now unprotected. If this situation is undesirable for the

application, follow the manufacture’s instructions for replacing this device.”


(Model: GRM0600)


Using four standard rack mounting screws (included) mount RACMAX 0600 to
a standard 19” rack cabinet.
Plug the RACMAX 0600 protector directly to a properly grounded 3-wire AC outlet.


Turn the RACMAX 0600 on. Plug in one of the pieces of equipment you want to
protect and turn the equipment on.

If the equipment is working correctly, continue to plug in and turn on your
equipment. In the extremely unlikely event that everything does not work
perfectly, stop and read the troubleshooting section. If you continue to have
problems, call ITW Linx Customer Service Department at


*Many old buildings are inadequately wired. It is very common for a building to

be improperly grounded. Building wiring and grounding must conform to
applicable NEC (USA) or CEC (Canada).

CAUTION: Risk of Electric Shock. Do not plug into another relocatable

power tap.


ON/OFF Switch—provides power to equipment connected to all eight outlets
on back of unit.

15-Ampere Circuit Breaker—The circuit breaker will automatically “open”
when the current load is greater than 15 Amperes. When this happens, the
circuit breaker can be manually reset by simply pushing the reset button, which
will have “popped out.” The Power ON / Protection OK LED on the front panel
will not light until the circuit breaker has been reset.

Power OK LED—(Green LED) When lit, unit is turned on.

Switched Outlets—Eight switched AC outlets. The ON/OFF Switch on the
front panel controls the power state of all eight outlets.

Catastrophic Surge Fuse—Disconnects automatically, preventing damage
during massive surges, including lightning.

Thermal Fuse—Disconnects automatically, preventing damage during
massive surges, including lightning damage.

1. There is no AC power to my equipment, or my equipment doesn’t

turn on.

Make sure that the RACMAX 0600 is plugged into a working AC outlet. Check
all AC connections.

Make sure the RACMAX 0600 and connected equipment is turned on. Check to
see if the circuit breaker on the RACMAX 0600 needs to be reset (press in).

2. The RACMAX 0600 circuit breaker disconnects AC power from the

connected equipment.

You have exceeded the ampere rating this unit. As a temporary fix, disconnect
one or more pieces of equipment. Ask your dealer about additional products
that may be required.

If you continue to have trouble with your RACMAX 0600 or this section has not
fixed the problem, please call

ITW Linx Customer Service at: 1-800-336-

LINX (5469)

NOTE: The RACMAX 0600 and the connected equipment must be

indoors and in the same building.


ITW LINX offers a complete line of Voice, LAN and AC Power Surge Protection products!

For Technical Support, Please Contact Us at 1.800.336.5469 • 425 North Gary Ave., Carol Stream, IL 60188

Part#: 2800-220-30I REV 4 (09/2009)

Front View

Rear View

Expandable, customized

modular protection solutions

for AC and KSU applications

Security products

surge protection


Rack mountable, AC

distribution and surge

protection units

Pair by pair customized

protection for large PBX


Building entrance

protection for data


9 foot power cord

8 AC outlets


Circuit breaker is placed on front

panel for easy access

On/OFF switch







indicator light