Metalfab Screw Conveyor User Manual

Metalfab Equipment

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Installation and Operating Instructions

Screw Conveyor

General Description

The Screw Conveyor is a simple and rugged means of conveying
material from one point to another. Our standard “U” shaped through
Conveyors are of heavy-duty design. Each screw flight is a continuous
helix with drive and end shafts which are carefully designed to provide
adequate bending and shear strength with tolerances for correct
bearing clearances. When equipped with a shroud (or metering
section), a variable pitched screw and is choke fed, it will perform as a
“rough” Feeder.

Warning: Keep hands clear of moving parts. Serious injury

can occur.


Screw Conveyors under 20 feet in length are shipped fully assembled
and are ready for operation. Longer conveyors are shipped in
sections. Each section has it’s own screw and bearing assembly.

Simply bolt the sections together and bolt the screw shaft to the pipe
axles at points of connections. The Conveyor should then be checked
for straightness and the screw should be turned manually to check for
interferences. If any interference exists, the support bearings should
be repositioned to eliminate the problem.

The Conveyor should then be put in position, leveled and bolted in
place at the tabs provided.

Electrical Requirements

Conveyors are normally provided with constant speed A.C. drives
consisting of a motor and a gear reducer. These may be direct
coupled or belt coupled. (See applicable drawings.) On occasions,
special requirements will utilize a variable speed transmission. In
these cases, check addendum to the operating instructions.