Metalfab Spinloader User Manual


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Instructions for Operation & Maintenance

Spin Loader

General Description

The Spin Loader lets you utilize bulk storage facilities to their fullest
capacity. It eliminates the pyramiding which occurs when powders,
flakes and granular materials are loaded into

bins, hopper cars and

piles and enables you to load up to 15% more product into virtually
any storage facility.

Compact, ruggedly-built, the Spin Loader consists of an inlet tube,
which guides the material through the unit and a spinner, which
distributes the material in a 360° arc or as refined by deflectors and
reduces the possibility of particle segregation and enables the particles
to intermix. The spinner is rotated by the use of a direct coupled

motor. Since the unit is completely enclosed, it totally eliminates
product waste, contamination and dust problems. The SL-100 is
supplied with a 2 horsepower drive and is rated at a maximum feed
rate of 100,000 pounds per hour. The SL-200 is supplied with a 5
horsepower drive and is rated at a maximum feed rate of 200,000
pounds per hour. For models other than these listed, check formal
quotation for horsepower ratings and maximum rates.


Except for the paddle of the optional rotary level indicator, the Spin
Loader is shipped assembled and ready for installation. After the unit
is unpacked, examine it for any possible shipping damage. Notify
carrier if any is found.

The paddle of the rotary level indicator is simply screwed into the shaft
end. A roll pin is inserted through the shaft to lock the paddle in

The Spin Loader must be rotated at least once a month to insure

proper bearing grease distribution. If a high temperature or moist
environment is expected, the unit must be rotated at shorter intervals.
Please contact the factory for their recommendations.