myCharge Voyage 1000 RFAM-0206 User Manual

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Section III: Charging Devices

Voyage uses an automatic device detection system. When
a device is plugged in the Voyage provides charging power
until it is unplugged or the Voyage runs out of energy.
The Voyage Micro-USB connector is compatible with
the majority of mobile devices including smartphones,
Bluetooth headsets, portable navigation devices, MP3
players, and more.

Section IV: Checking Battery Level

To check how much energy is available, press the level
check button. LEDs next to the button will illuminate
indicating approximately how much energy is available for

LED 1 Flashing: Under 20%
LED 1: 21-40%
LED 2: 41-65%
LED 3: 66-90%
LED 4: 91-100%

Section V: Sound Mode

Voyage has built-in tone capability. Tone mode will audibly
inform you when devices are plugged in or disconnected,
and when the unit is charging or has completed charging.

To disable, enable and/or change the sound mode

1. Locate the Sound pinhole button under the green USB-A
2. Plug Voyage into your PC
3. Use a paperclip to cycle Tone Silent

If you prefer no sound toggle to the silent mode - unit will
make no sound when this option is selected. If you prefer
tone mode toggle until you hear the tone.