Nextteq Thermal Ring Kit User Manual

Thermal ring introduction

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Results from under-reported or over-reported chemical levels can cre-

ate an unsafe condition. The Thermal Ring increases safety and reduc-

es risk by allowing you to accurately correct for temperature changes

on-the-spot, without additional equipment like alcohol and infrared


Because detector tubes are calibrated at a specific temperature, in-

creases or decreases from this temperature can impact the reading.

The instructions that come with each pack of detector tubes advise if

there is a need for temperature correction. (For a complete list of tubes,

and indication of those needing temperature correction, consult Gas-

tec’s Detector Tube List or the Gastec Handbook, both available from

Nextteq, LLC.) The instructions will provide either a table with correc-

tion factors or a table listing true concentrations based on the ambient

temperature. For accurate results, ensure the tube has been at ambient

temperature for 15 minutes before testing.

The Thermal Ring, which is af-

fixed to all new Gastec GV-100

pumps, is perfectly calibrated

to work with the Gastec Gas

Sampling Pump and Detec-

tor Tube Systems. Please see

other side for instructions on

affixing the Thermal Ring and

warning label to a GV-100

pump in the field.

Thermal Ring Introduction

Thermal Ring Instructions


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