Nextteq Deluxe HazMat Kit (without tubes) User Manual

Nextteq hazmat kits

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Nextteq HazMat Kits

Fast, Accurate, On-the-Spot Identification of Unknown Chemicals

Nextteq’s portable HazMat Kits provide immediate identification of unknown
chemicals and can detect contaminants competitors miss. The kits offer accurate
detection of up to 48 gases, vapors, and liquids—many with lower detection limits
than leading competitors. Nextteq offers the only HazMat kits that can detect liquid
chemical warfare agents.

The kits, featuring Gastec Gas Sampling Pumps and Detector Tubes, are
pre-calibrated and always ready to use. The kits are also intrinsically safe with
no batteries or electrical power required.

On-the-spot results save time and money with no waiting for expensive laboratory
analysis. Gastec systems require fewer pump strokes and provide faster results
than leading competitors. Direct-read tubes expedite accurate sampling without
confusion, dual scales, or concentration charts.

Decision charts provide clear, step-by-step instruction for easy and precise
chemical analysis.

Nextteq’s Complete Line of

First Response/HazMat Products

Products include:
Chemical Warfare Agent Detection

Detection Papers (M8, M9, and 3-Way)

Detector Tubes
Civil Defense Kits
Clandestine Lab Kits
Custom Industry Kits


HazMat Kits*

Training/Certification Kits
Civil Defense-Detection Papers
Civil Defense-Detector Tubes

Nextteq HazMat Kits

*Uses Gastec Gas Sampling Pumps and Detector Tubes.

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