Canon Paper Shredder User Manual

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Canon recognizes the importance of information security and the challenges that your organization faces.
This white paper provides information security facts for Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE systems. It
provides details on imageRUNNER ADVANCE security technology for networked and stand-alone
environments, as well as an overview of Canon’s device architecture, framework and product technologies
as related to document and information security.

This White Paper is primarily intended for the administrative personnel of a customer charged with
responsibility for the configuration and maintenance of imageRUNNER ADVANCE systems. The
information in this document may be used to more clearly understand the many imageRUNNER ADVANCE
security-related configuration capabilities offered by Canon. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE system offers
a number of standard and optional capabilities that, when used by a customer, can help facilitate effective
management and security of data processed and stored by the system. Ultimately, it is the customer’s
responsibility to select the method(s) most appropriate for securing their information.

Canon does not warrant that use of the information contained within this document will prevent malicious
attacks, or prevent misuse of your imageRUNNER ADVANCE systems.

Products shown with optional accessories/equipment. The features reviewed in this white paper include both standard and optional
solutions for imageRUNNER ADVANCE systems. Specifications and availability subject to change without notice.

Version 1.4

January, 2013