First connection or after pc power save modes, When streaming online video, Vista⁄windows 7 users – Warpia SWP120A Getting Started User Guide User Manual

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First Connection or after PC power save modes

Upon connection you may have to restart your media player for the audio to start playing on the remote
Stereo Speakers or Home Theater system

*Need more info?

Right-click the Wireless USB Manager taskbar icon and select Troubleshooting

When Streaming online video...

Make sure to Disable Hardware
Acceleration on your Flash Player:

1. Right click on the video you’re watching,
choose ‘Settings’

2. Unchoose ‘Enable -
hardware acceleration’

*For best performance

verify the PC fits the minimum system requirements

Vista⁄Windows 7 Users!

Use the AERO Desktop Theme.

1. Right click the desktop and select ‘Personalize’.

2. select ‘Windows Color and Appearance’ Select Windows Aero from

the Color scheme list.