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Switching on/off

There are various ways of switching the

unit on/off:

Switching on/off using the vehicle


If the unit is correctly connected to the

vehicle’s ignition and it was not switched
off using button it will switch on/off

simultaneously with the ignition.

Switching on/off using the

removable control panel

o Remove the control panel.

The unit switches off.

o Attach the control panel again.

The unit switches on. The last settings

i.e. radio, CD or CD changer (CD
changer only with the Las Vegas CD32)
will be reactivated.

Switching on/off using button @

o To switch the unit on, press button


The unit can only be switched on when
the ignition is turned on.

o To switch the unit off, press button

@ for longer than two seconds.

The unit switches off.

Switching on by inserting a CD

If the unit is switched off and there is no

CD inserted in the drive,

o gently insert the CD with the

printed side uppermost into the

drive until you feel some resis­


The CD is drawn into the drive automati­


You must not obstruct or assist the drive
as it draws in the CD.

Once the CD has been drawn in, the

unit switches on again.


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