Cisco H.323 VC-289 User Manual

Configuring h.323 gatekeepers and proxies, Multimedia conference manager overview

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Cisco IOS Voice, Video, and Fax Configuration Guide

Configuring H.323 Gatekeepers and Proxies

This chapter describes how to configure the Cisco Multimedia Conference Manager. The Multimedia
Conference Manager provides gatekeeper and proxy capabilities required for service provisioning and
management of H.323-compliant networks.

This chapter includes the following sections:

Multimedia Conference Manager Overview, page 289

H.323 Gatekeeper Features, page 290

H.323 Proxy Features, page 297

H.323 Prerequisite Tasks and Restrictions, page 302

H.323 Gatekeeper Configuration Task List, page 303

H.323 Gatekeeper Configuration Examples, page 345

For a complete description of the H.323 gatekeeper commands used in this chapter, refer to the
Cisco IOS Voice, Video, and Fax Command Reference. To locate documentation for other commands that
appear in this chapter, use the command reference master index or search online.

For more information regarding Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP), synchronous reservation
timers, and slow connect, refer to the Cisco IOS Release 12.1(5)T VoIP Call Admission Control Using
or the Cisco IOS Quality of Service Solutions Configuration Guide.

To identify the hardware platform or software image information associated with a feature in this
chapter, use the

Feature Navigator

on to search for information about the feature or refer to

the software release notes for a specific release. For more information, see the “Identifying Supported
Platforms” section in the “Using Cisco IOS Software” chapter.

Multimedia Conference Manager Overview

Deploying H.323 applications and services requires careful design and planning for the network
infrastructure and for the H.323 devices. The Cisco H.323-compliant Multimedia Conference Manager
provides gatekeeper and proxy capabilities, which are required for service provisioning and management
of H.323 networks. With the Cisco Multimedia Conference Manager, your current internetwork can be
configured to route bit-intensive data, such as audio, telephony, video and audio telephony, and data
conferencing using existing telephone and ISDN links without degrading the current level of service of
the network. In addition, H.323-compliant applications can be implemented on existing networks in an
incremental fashion without upgrades.

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