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Commission and Installation

faytech offers you a well-engineered, high-quality PC hardware. For the software
installation, use and maintenance the respective user is responsible.

On the bundle driver CD are Windows and Linux drivers for our faytech Touch PCs
included. Feel free to check

to see whether there are updated


If you purchased the system with a SSD an operation system is already installed.
Please check with your sales partner which version. A current Ubuntu image is
always available with which you can become familiar with the hardware and the
use of the touch-panel.

The touch software manual is also downloadable on our website in the Category
“Service”. For Win7/Win8 no driver installation is needed to use the touch.

To start, connect your faytech-touch PC simply with the power supply cable and
press the On/Off Button.

If you have bought a faytech touch PC without hard disk, please follow the
following instructions.

The installation of an external Device is really simple. Just open the SSD

Shelf to insert a fitting 2.5” SSD/harddisk with 9m in height.


In the following, the most important BIOS settings are explained. Please note that
the BIOS is a special BIOS for PC's with built-in display solutions.
Accordingly, it can occur after adjustments to the BIOS that you see no image on
your monitor. For this reason, only experienced users should make changes to the
BIOS. If the system is wrongly adjusted, proceed as described in the following:
press (even if you see no image) on a connected keyboard the Delete key until you
are sure you are in the BIOS. Then press F5 Enter F10 Enter. The system will
reboot and you should have on internal monitor again a picture.

The major graphic settings to use the touch PCs internal built in monitor:

Advanced -> North Bridge LVDS Config Select

 LVDS Panel Config Select = [1920x1080]

 EDID Panel Option = [Enabled]

Pre-installation Linux-Software (Optional)

When an actual Ubuntu has been preinstalled in the Touch-PC with SSD the
User Name is “user” and the password is “user123”.
If you want to change the password, please open a terminal. Type “sudo su”,
then press “Enter”. The password is “user123”. Please chose “passwd user”
and give your new password.

Optional features

Since the faytech touch PC series is widely used in industry applications, we
offer a number of extensions that you can order from our distribution partners.
See a selection below:

Customizable cables

Customizable connections (external I/O-ports)

Transflective & High Brightness (up to 1000 NITS)

Ignition Control

IP65 & IP68, vandalism secure

Aluminum Case

Flat Front Case Design

Webcam, Scanner, Printer, RFID

i3/i5 CPU

Advanced RAM and SSD

Individual Buttons for steering PC-functions

In project business, further adjustments are possible to meet your requirements.


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First, check whether the power supply is properly connected and working

(red LED on the On/Off-button).

When you install new video card drivers, the BIOS is under certain

circumstances adjusted and there is no boot screen to see. Wait a minute
or two until Windows/your OS is loaded.

Connect an external keyboard via USB and check whether the Num Lock

LED illuminates (press Num Lock on the keyboard). When it’s on, there is
usually only misaligned BIOS. Turn off the PC, reboot and then press
DELETE so often until you are sure that you are in the BIOS. Set the
graphics options in the BIOS following Chapter BIOS settings, if necessary
with the help of an external monitor.

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