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Contact, RMA service (in English):
Support Number: +1 720 251 4158


Home page:


China Headquarter:
Bldg.C, Hongmen Tech. Zone, Jihua Rd., Bantian,
Shenzhen, China 518129
Support Hotline: +86 755 89580612
Support-E-Mail: sales@faytech.com

If you think your faytech product has a defect please always contact us directly. Our trained
after sales service specialists can help you resolve your problems. Please check the manual
and our frequently asked questions before contacting us – you will usually find an answer to
your question.

If there is a defect you can open a RMA-case (Return Merchandise Authorization) under


. Please be informed that today we just offer this service to European

customers. Outside Europe please contact us at


. Please attach in the

contact e-mail your invoice and what problems you are experiencing. In reply, you will
receive an e-mail/fax with your RMA number and additional information. For accessories like
cables, adaptors or power supplies which are not working, we can usually send you a
replacement before receiving the damaged goods.
Make sure that shipping has been paid before sending goods back to us. We do not accept
postage due packages at our service centers. Anything received with postage due will be
returned to you without any testing or resolution. Within the first 30 days after you buy a new
faytech product, we will refund your shipping costs for returned products. For the rest of the
warranty period, we will pay the shipping costs for any repaired or replaced items that we
ship back to you.

For support outside of China, we work with local representatives / local service partners
together who may work on our behalf in our name. On request, more information can be
obtained at the above contact information.

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