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Kofax Front-Office Server Administrator’s Guide for HP MFPs

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example for the HP LaserJet M3035 MFP, or for the hp LaserJet 4345 mfp.


The HP model number is displayed on the front panel of the MFP. In Kofax Front-

Office Server Adminstration Console, the HP model number can be found in the Devices

section if the original device name has not been changed after discovery.


Copy and paste the scan settings content from to


Specify the scan settings as needed.


Save and close the file.


For the changes to take effect, stop and restart Kofax Front-Office Server. For later changes

in this file, it is sufficient to save and close the file.


The settings in the file override the settings in the file for the respective MFP model. For example, if you want to specify

imageAdjustBackgroundCleanup for all MFPs except for model M3035, in the file, leave this setting empty

(mfp.scan.image.adjust.background.cleanup= ). In this case, the default value is valid for the HP

M3035. For other HP MFP models, the value specified in is valid.

You can also determine whether you want documents to be scanned in black and white only.

X To allow documents to be scanned in black and white only on all MFPs, in the file, set fileType to “TIFF”, optimizeTextPhoto to “Text”, and colorMode to


X To allow documents to be scanned in black and white only on individual MFP models,

in the corresponding files, set fileType to “TIFF”,

optimizeTextPhoto to “Text”, and colorMode to “Gray”.


With these settings, VirtualReScan is skipped when scanning documents. Therefore, VRS

features such as automatic page rotation and image crop cannot be used when scanning in black
and white.

Using Custom Validation

Any text entered for index fields is validated with the destination for an appropriate data type and

data length. For a more detailed validation and a variety of field lookup options, you can

configure Kofax Front-Office Server to perform the following additional steps in the order they are



Field validation: Each field value is validated as soon as it has been changed. You can

determine which fields to validate, and whether other fields will be filled in automatically

or provide a selection list after successful validation. For selection lists, you can

additionally define whether users will have to select a value from the list or whether they

can also type a value which is not in the list.

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