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Kofax Front-Office Server Administrator’s Guide for Ricoh MFPs

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Press Exit in the upper right corner of the screen to exit the SP Mode (Service) menu.


Press the Other Function button below the Scanner button to the left of the screen.


Press Exit again to exit the SP Mode menu. You can resume using the MFP, and the new

settings are used.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the software does not deploy successfully, or if you have questions about how the software

operates, refer to the information in this section. You can find additional information and software

updates on the Kofax Web site.

Clicking Discover does not find the MFP. What happened?

Use the Refresh command to update the list of discovered devices. The MFP may be offline,

on a separate network, or does not have a PostScript card installed. Refer to the MFP

documentation for instructions. If the Discover option still does not find the MFP, you can add

the MFP manually. Refer to the Kofax Front-Office Server Administration Console Help for


Why am I unable to add MFPs?

There may not be enough available licenses for inputs to support the MFPs you want to add.

Input licenses are also applied to watched folders and email servers. Remove MFPs from the

Added Devices tab or purchase a license for additional inputs.

Where is the Send To Me button that I see on other MFPs?

On the Ricoh MFP, this feature is called KFS Inbox, and it can be used to send documents to

any user’s Kofax Front-Office Server Web Client Inbox. When you log on and press this

button, your user name is already in the User Name field. You can then press Scan to send the

document to your own Inbox.

Why am I unable to deploy the front panel software to the Ricoh MFP?

The Embedded Software Architecture must be installed on the Ricoh MFP before you can

deploy the Kofax Front-Office Server front panel software. You can purchase an Embedded

Software Architecture card from your Ricoh reseller or Kofax. Install the card as shown in the

Ricoh MFP documentation.
If you already have the Kofax Front-Office Server front panel software installed on the MFP,

you must uninstall it before deploying the software. See

Uninstalling the Kofax Front-Office

Server Front Panel Software


Why does the front panel software not appear when I press the button assigned for Embedded

Software Architecture applications?

Make sure that you have installed the Kofax Front-Office Server front panel software and

started it from the Startup Setting tab. See

Installing the Kofax Front-Office Server Front Panel



If you have more than one Embedded Software Architecture application installed, a menu

appears when you press the button. Press the KFS_MFP button.

Why am I unable to deploy shortcuts to the Ricoh MFP?

You must install the Kofax Front-Office Server front panel software on the Ricoh MFP before

deploying profiles with shortcuts, and the front panel software must be running at the time

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